Below is a partial list of past collections for unofficial reference only.


J.S. Aurelius "Towards Madness"
J.S. Aurelius "Towards Madness (2nd Edition)"
J.S. Aurelius "Towards Death"
J.S. Aurelius "The Birth Of Death"
J.S. Aurelius "A Book To Read To Other Books"
J.S. Aurelius "Desire Unknown"
J.S. Aurelius "Parakletos (Holy Spirit)"
J.S. Aurelius "How The Mind Operates On Itself"
J.S. Aurelius "TR The Painter"
J.S. Aurelius "The American Fighting Man"
A. Jarson "Hoarder"
A. Jarson "The Wandering I"
A. Jarson "Dimethyltryptamine"
A. Jarson "Beyond The Flesh"
A. Jarson "Godhead"
L. Locin "Mystical States"
L. Locin "Rationality and the Will"
Aurelius, JS "Desperation Notes"
Cox, C. "Desire"
Delaire, P. "Dohkumentary Poetiks"
Delhoysie, Y. "OS Cangeceiros"
Jarson, A. "Opium Tears"
Jarson, A. "The Black Site"
Kohlmann, E. "Ruin"
Kruse, S. "The Red Guard"
Locin, L. "Spur Of Chogori"
Watson, W.C. "Sexual Wormholes"
Whitley, M. "Greetings From The Mouth"
Whitely, M. "Pinnocchio Constellation"
Kali Malone - Organ Dirges 2016 - 2017


Pigeon Religion "Crystalized Meth"
Otro Mundo "Jellied"
Avon Ladies "Five (5)"
Marshstepper "Live At Thee Meat Market"
Jungle Monk "S/T"
Body Of Light "Lustre"
Body Of Light "Universal Sin"
Body Of Light "Follow The Current"
Usual Ire "Garden of Gethsemane"
United 93 "Black Cloud Factory"
Marshstepper "Live Mayhem"
Marshstepper "Performance Of Death"
Marshstepper "Leather Dripping Fetish"
Destruction Unit "Void (Tour version)"
Destruction Unit "Void"
Otro Mundo / Acid Dawgz "Split"
Acid Dawgz "S/T"
Pigeon Religion "Postmortem Report"
Marshstepper "Live At The Boneyard"
Otro Mundo "S/T"
Body Of Light "Wayside City"
Sewer Drainer "S/T"
Nullhypersurface "Killing Horizon"
Granite Mask "Missing Footage"
Mall "The Alphabet"
Sleep Money "S/T"
V/A "Keep This In Mind!"
Jungle Monk "Sandy Sessions"
Dealing "'83"
Destruction Unit "Direct Mystical Transmission"
All Anal "Dark Side Of The Poon"
Astral Deeps "Lost Beats"
Aurelius "Music For Drinking Tea"
Blue Krishna "Youth In Chains"
Boys Ov Paradi$e "World Day Of The Sick"
Destruction Unit "Sandy Sessions"
Foreplay "Vicarious"
Harsh Nayyar "Argo Nuna"
Jock Club "Labyrinths"
Marshstepper "The Dagger, The Scourge and The Chain"
R. Rousseau "Street Creeps"
Ukiah Drag "Jazz Mama Is Cryin'"
V/A "Council Of The Mice"
Boys Ov Paradise "Kofa"
Destruction Unit "Live Marquee"
Dealing "'84"
Horoscope "Sextrology of Past Lovers"
Jock Club "Fantasy"
Jock Club "In The Jungle"
Mallevs "Deconstructions II"
Marshstepper "Scourge, Dagger, Chain"
Marshstepper "Transgression Continues"
Milk Music "April Fools"
Soren "Mixed Emotions"
Tropical Body / Dealing "Split"
White Boys "Boys Just Wanna Have Fun"
Blue Krishna "Youth In Chains"
Astral Deeps "Lost Beats"
Body Of Light "Wayside City repress"
Ergot 88 "S/T"
Youth Grip "S/T"
Marshstepper "Live MATA"
Deep Pill "High Dose"
Jock Club / Soren "Split"
Dismal Light "Commute"
Lust For Youth "Perfect View"
Destruction Unit "Deep Trip"
Night Sins "To London or the Lake"
Marshstepper "Give Yourself to the Moon"
Tollund Men "Donar's Oak"
Mallevs "V.V.V.V.V"
Transfix "Death is so Relaxing..."
Body Of Light "Limits of Reason"
Some Ember "Walls Disappear"
Jock Club "Encrypted Files"
Soren "Guru"
Deep Pill "Hard Exrct"
Granite Mask "Night Moves"
Ergot 88 "A Collection of Unreleased Acetates & Obscured Recordings"
Rose Alliance "Red Tube"
Dismal Light "Fertile Spores"
Graveyard Wanderers "Night Shifting"
Dealing "'85"
Rosemary Arp "Sakura"<"br> Glochids "Be I-X"
Crystalline Roses "...The Morning Brought Rain"
Social Junk "Give Up"
Sublimation "Brain Ded"
Liable "Ides"
Branks "Symbolic Body Altar"
Helm "Shattered Miniatures"
Puce Mary "The Viewer"
Iceage "Live April Fools Day"
Destruction Unit "Live in Haarlem"
Ukiah Drag "Live Ukiah: A Devil Smiles"
Memoryman "Trapped in the Mask"
Boys Of Paradise "Snakes of the Far West"
Saran Man / Mercury Living Presence "Split"
Jock Club "Fatal Rave"
Soren Roi "Aimless, Nameless"
Gila Man "Between Realities"
Headcleaner "HC-1"
Mortal Fear "Eye Of The Beholder"
Early Tongue "Reflection"
Boys Of Paradise "Onyx (Bachelorette Dub)"
JS Aurelius "Hallucinognosis Loops"
Matt Krefting "Gavin"
Horoscope "En Los Jardines De La Reina Vol. 1"
Horoscope "En Los Jardines De La Reina Vol. 2"
Drew McDowall "Haecceity Deluge"
Human Particle "The Left Eye (Look Onlyl Upon The Left Eye)"
Peacetime Death "A Peacetime Index"
Somali Extract "Sullen Surrender"
Varg "Oceanfront Etiquette"
Covered In Sand "Live At The Complex"
Prison Glue "World Without Values"
Dismal Light "Dunes Of Gypsum"
Granite Mask "Exit Strategies"
Maniac Cop "Pt. 1"
Memorymann "In My System"
Ergot 88 "Dissector"
Scandinavian Star "Scandinavian Star"
Border Force "Motionless"
Sutures "Sutures"
Deep Pill "Centrifuge"
Graveyard Wanderers "Sacred Vessel"
Varg "Under The Roman Lash"
Purity Of Essence "Formeless"
Grace "Grace"
Negation "Negation"
Appetite "Appetite"
Nick Klein "Pretty Boy Blues"
Surgical Improv Ensemble "Live For Pain"
Marshstepper "Laboratório Das Artes, Guimarães"
Sickness "Purgatory"
Destruction Unit "Negative Feedback Resistor"
Jock Club "Wet"
Marshstepper "El Prat De Llobregat, Catalonia"
Oake "Live In Marseille"
Sorrowing Christ "Sorrowing Christ"
Sons Of Magdelene "Ecumenicals"
Shredded Nerve / Saran Man "Untitled"
Roper Rider "All Open Corals"
Harkonnen Sound "Harkonnen Sound"
Sunstroke Militia "Economy"
Jock Club "Vlad's Castle b/w Contender Dub"
Jock Club "Water Logged"
Elisha Morningstar "Finis Fragmenta"
Lettera 22 "Citadel"
Ligature "Finally Letting Them In"
Ascetic Priest "Red Tape / Blue Tape"
Oriax "Planetary Mansion"
Early Tongue + Dealing "Early Tongue + Dealing"
Maniac Cop "Live In The Jungle"
Video Blue "Water Symbols"
Destruction Unit "Live In London"
Deep Pill "Seer"
Video Blue "Autoportrait"
Edwin Gorham "Delicate Mortality"
Jock Club "Return To Spacetime"
Alex Zhang Hungtai "Knave Of Hearts"
Pleasure Island "Golden Rain"
Hands Rendered Useless "Exit International"
Jock Club "Untitled Mixtape"
Jock Club "Jock Club Mix CD 1"
Jock Club "Surrounded By Evil"
Cienfuegos "Cantos Ocultos"
Christian Mirande "Scaled Deposits"
Jason Kudo "View From Outside"
Ligature "Disappearing Act"
Alleypisser "Afsluttet"


Pigeon Religion "Dead Boss"


Sungsang "Anak Tanpa Bangsa"
Glochids "Ni Fila"
Somali Extract "Pareidolia"
Deep Pill "Sub Dural Frequency"
Jock Club "Morphism"
Soren Roi "Macon"
Orgonon Pit "S/T"
Granite Mask "Second Wind"
Din "Saturate"
Horoscope "Nature Will Keep Growing Even After You Have Lost Everything"
Boy Harsher "Country Girl"


4/17/11 - Cold Cave, Destruction Unit, Pigeon Eggmen
8/29/11 - The Men, Milk Music, Avon Ladies, Otro Mundo
2/12/12 - Salvation
2/24/12 - Garrincha and the Stolen Elk, Excavacations, Sungsang, N. Nappa
3/7/12 - Sun Araw, M. Geddes Gengras, Diva, Marshstepper
3/24/12 - Nu Sensae, Lovin' Vein, Marshstepper
4/9/12 - Merchandise, Lovin' Vein, Marshstepper, DAR
5/10/12 - Pedestrian Deposit, Marshstepper
5/16/12 - White Suns, Marshstepper, Documentarian
5/30/12 - Gun Outfit, Broken Water, Lovin' Vein
6/6/12 - Rosenkopf, Forward, No Statik
6/14/12 - Nautical Almanac, Marshstepper
6/21/12 - Family Stoned, Body Of Light
6/22/12 - Tollund Men, Transformations, Marshstepper, Frotlover
12/18/12 - Sonoran Pop Festival
12/22/12 - Sound And Vision After The End Of The World
2/8/13 - T2, Aurelius, All Anal, D. Pupillo